NOAA Weather data#

In Chapter 2, we use openly available weather observation data derived from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The data is available under ADD LICENSE IF EXISTS.

Weather observations for Kumpula, Helsinki (Finland)#

The file “Kumpula-June-2016-w-metadata.txt” includes data retrieved from NOAA 7 climate database 1 and it contains observed daily mean, minimum, and maximum temperatures from June 2016, recorded by a weather observation station in Kumpula.

Weather observations for Finland#

Weather observation data from Finland was downloaded from NOAA. The data from NOAA contains a number of files as there is also metadata included with the package, such as a list of stations (data/6367598020644stn.txt), details about the weather observations at each station (data/6367598020644inv.txt), and a data description containing e.g. information about what different columns names mean (data/3505doc.txt). Note that the list of stations is for all 15 stations in Finland. The actual observations are stored in